The School Council of Sha Tin Junior School meets regularly to oversee the running of the school. The Council plays an integral role in the governance of our school. Members are elected from their representative bodies and meet regularly to discuss matters of finance, curriculum, leadership and strategic planning.

The council is committed to maintaining the highest standards for our school and is always keen to hear from parents and community members who share an interest in supporting this continued development. The council has strong links with the Parents and Teachers Association and three parent members serve permanently on the council.

Summary Notes of School Council Meeting

More information on the role of Councils across the English Schools Foundation and corporate governance can be found at

The Sha Tin Junior School Council consists of 13 members who represent a balance between staff, community, parents and ESF appointees. Together they work to set and support the strategic direction of our school.

Ms Annie Ho Community Representative & Chair ESF Appointed
Mr. Charles Wan Community Representative Appointed
Ms Kit Chan Community Representative Appointed
Ms Elke Van Dermijnsbrugge Community Representative Appointed
Mr. Dennis Chau PTA Representative PTA Appointed
Dr. Rick Lau Parent Representative Elected
Mr. Jack Ng Parent Representative Elected
Mrs Rehana Shanks Principal & Secretary ESF Appointed
Ms Belinda Greer CEO ESF ESF Appointed
Ms Reah Bruce Teacher Representative Elected
Mrs Kathryn Troy Teacher Representative Elected
Mr. Hugh Beames Teacher Representative Elected
Ms Hazel Chan Support Staff Representative Elected


The Council is served by 3 committees which have been established to work with the School Leadership in the areas of Finance, Staffing and Facilities/Curriculum.