We asked our Year 6 students to explain what our school values mean to them. Here are a selection of the responses.


At SJS we value making a difference.
  • We know that every action can make a difference.
  • We have the power to develop our thinking and our skills.
  • Sometimes we just give someone a smile.
At SJS we value flexible minds.
  • We use a growth mindset as often as possible.
  • We change our red thoughts to green thoughts.
  • We are learning how to control the effects of our feelings.
At SJS we value inclusivity.
  • We include each other in what we do.
  • We listen to and think about other’s ideas and feelings.
  • We accept that other’s may think differently to us.
At SJS we value wellbeing.
  • We take good care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and academically.
By the end of Year 6 at SJS we will:
  • KNOW what it means to be a good learner.
  • DO whatever it takes to satisfy our curiosity.
  • BE learners for life.