Our Vision

is to encourage a life-long passion for learning.

Learning for Life

Our Mission

supports and adds context to the Vision:

SJS is an inspiring learning community. We provide an inclusive environment where effort is valued, learning is engaging and creativity is fostered. Our curriculum is underpinned by the elements of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and provides a robust international education. All stakeholders are encouraged to play an active part to enhance learning. We celebrate our cultural diversity, appreciate our place in Hong Kong, and believe in the importance of Chinese language and culture.

Our Values

are reflected in the aspirations and attitudes of all members of our school community.

At SJS we value:

Making a Difference  We:

  • Are committed to responsible action to serve others and make a difference
  • Display perseverance, commitment and enthusiasm
  • Look to the future and dare to dream
Flexible Minds  We:

  • Promote curiosity, critical thinking and independence
  • Continually strive to find ways to improve
  • Are passionate about a holistic approach to learning and teaching
  • Have the confidence to learn from our mistakes and rise to challenges
  • Recognize and appreciate our achievements and celebrate our successes
  • Blend reason and logic with creativity and imagination
Inclusivity  We:

  • Are caring, respectful and inclusive in our relationships
Well Being  We:

  • Take responsibility for the well-being of ourselves and others, and the health of our environment
  • Create memories


Annual Report 2017/18

2016-2019 Strategic Plan

2017-2018 Annual Plan & Lower and Upper Phase Development Plan

CIS The Five-Year Review