Student Place Confirmation 2019/20

16 May 2019

Dear Parents

Confirmation of school place and advance fees for the 2019/20 academic year

As we approach the end of the school year, we are writing to let you know the procedure to confirm your child’s place for 2019/20. If you will be withdrawing your child and have notified the school in writing, please ignore this letter.

Every year, parents need to reserve a school place for their child for the following year through making an advance payment of September’s fees as a surety. The following parents are exempted from making advance payment as school places for their children are already reserved:

A parent

  1. whose child is currently attending Year 6 and have secured a Year 7 place in any ESF schools for 2019/20 already; or
  2. whose child is newly enrolled to an ESF school to start in August 2019, including those who will attend Year 1 and Year 7; or
  3. who is a civil servant and receiving “local education allowance”(LEA) from the HKSAR Government; or
  4. who has already paid the Refundable Capital Levy (RCL) of HK$25,000 and the levy is still on account.

Advance Payment

Advance payment for 2019/20 are as follows:

Primary Years 2 to 4 HK$11,120
Primary Years 5 to 6 HK$9,390
Secondary Years 8 to 11 HK$12,840
Secondary Years 12 to 13 HK$13,500

The advance payment will be used to offset tuition fees for September 2019. If there is a revision of fees in the next academic year, the difference will be payable in September 2019.

Please note that your child’s school place will not be confirmed if we do not receive your advance fees before the payment due date or if there are any outstanding tuition fees on account at the beginning of the next academic year.


The advance payment will be debited from your designated bank account on 1 August 2019.  Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account after which there is no further action required.

If you have not set up the direct debit authorisation yet, please complete the Direct Debit Authorisation Form and send it back to English Schools Foundation, G.P.O. Box 11284, Hong Kong by 1 June 2019 as it may take up to 6 weeks for the bank to process the direct debit.

If your monthly tuition fees are being settled by your employer directly, please make the payment by cheque on or before 15 July 2019:

  1. Click here to download and complete the cheque payment slip;
  2. Send the cheque payment slip together with a crossed cheque made payable to “English Schools Foundation” to “G.P.O. Box 11284, Hong Kong” on or before 15 July 2019. Post-dated cheques are not accepted.

Student withdrawals

If you are withdrawing your child at the end of this academic year, please complete the student withdrawal notice and return it to the school office via email by 1 June 2019Otherwise, we will assume that your child is returning after summer and parents are liable to the tuition fees for September 2019 even if the student does not return to school.

Please email the school office to obtain the student withdrawal notice, or download it here.

Should you have any queries regarding the above, please contact our Billing Team at

We would like to thank you for your cooperation on this matter, and we wish your children every success in 2019/20.


Yours sincerely

Vivian Cheung Julie Wong
Chief Financial Officer ESF Admissions Manager

English Schools Foundation
25/F 1063 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

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