Student Withdrawal Notice is introduced as being the official document for parent to inform school of student withdrawal. Withdrawal notice by other means such as email, letter or verbal notice is NOT acceptable.

Please download and complete the Student Withdrawal Notice should you plan to withdraw your child. This should be returned to the Admissions Office in school at least ONE MONTH prior to the last date of attendance. Additional charges applied if short notice is given. You may return the form by email at or by hand at the SJS School Office. Acknowledgement email will be sent out within 7 days upon receipt of the Student Withdrawal Notice.

Link: SJS Student Withdrawal Notice

If withdrawing parents do not receive the acknowledgement email within 10 days after the Student Withdrawal Notice has been sent, please contact the School Office.

If you are withdrawing your child at the end of this academic year, please return the completed Student Withdrawal Notice on or before 1 June. Otherwise, we will assume that your child is returning after summer and parents are liable to the tuition fees for September even if the student does not return to school.

For prospective students who have accepted a place in school, the withdrawal policy applies. In such cases, admission deposit will be forfeited and the RCL, if paid, will be refunded after the Student Withdrawal Notice is received.

Should there be changes in the last date of attendance after a proper withdrawal notice is served; parent is required to submit a revised withdrawal notice to school, stipulating that the revised notice supersedes the previous one with date. Nevertheless, subsequent change on the last date of attendance may be declined as it depends on the availability of school place.

To cancel a withdrawal notice, parent is required to inform school in writing before the last date of attendance. The cancellation may be declined as it depends on the availability of school.