Admissions Procedure

We follow that of all other ESF primary schools and adhere to the ESF Admissions Policy.

ESF Language Requirements for Primary Admissions 

As English is the medium of instruction, apart from Mandarin lessons, the admissions interview is based around whether a candidate has sufficient language, at an age appropriate level, to learn effectively through English.

Interviews are intended to be informal and friendly and are conducted by experienced primary school teachers who realise that some students may be nervous and need to be put at their ease.

Potential Year One students participate in an interview format that encourages them to converse in English through responding to stories; discussing familiar family holidays and interacting with their peers.

ESF Special Educational Needs 

At SJS, we are aware that children learn in different ways and at different rates. Many students whose special educational needs require minimal teaching and learning adjustments can be catered for within mainstream classes. Entry to this type of special education provision is through the normal school admissions process. It is important that as much information regarding past educational history is provided on application.

If you feel your child falls into this category you should submit a mainstream application and contact SJS to discuss this further with a member of staff. If you are aware or feel your child’s needs are more significant then an application to a Learning Support Class or Jockey Club Sarah Roe may be more applicable. Please click HERE to see details of ESF Special Education Needs.

Central Application – Year One Placement

Applications for Year One intake are handled centrally at ESF. Details please visit HERE.

General Application – for current Year One to Year Six students

For all current year groups, we will accept application forms at any time of the year. Interviews will only be held when a vacancy arises.

If you have any further queries regarding admissions please contact our admissions office at / 2692-2721.

For online application please click HERE.

ESF Immediate Student Places please click HERE.

ESF Information Seminars please click HERE.