15 Jun 2020

eNews Term 3 Issue 5

Hello Everyone,

As we enter our last week full of term we look forward to our Year 6 Exhibition.

This year has passed very quickly but I want to make sure to say thank you to all our staff, pupils and their families for your engagement, hard work and effort.

I especially want to say thank you to Mr Coyle and Mr Pinchbeck for their efforts this year in all things SJS particularly the school resumption plans and transitions.

I also wish our teachers, Miss Payne, Mrs Nocita, Ms Choy and Mr Haworth well on their next educational adventures in their new schools.

Our support staff leavers this year are Tammie Baba-Kishi-Zade, 25 years service, Tin Yin Wong, 18 years service, Kimmy Leung-Wan ,18 years service, Sue Lucas, 13 years service.

Thank you for your ongoing support,




Parent Survey Period: Monday 15 June (4 pm) – Friday 19 June (4 pm)