20 Sep 2019

eNews Term 1 Issue 3

Dear Sha Tin Junior Community,

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Autumn Festival with your family and friends.

The last six weeks has passed quickly and I feel very settled into the Sha Tin Junior family. Over the course of the last two weeks I have been fortunate to meet with the PTA, The School Finance Committee and The School Council. I have enjoyed these opportunities to work together with these school forums to serve the school and build our vision for the future.

Sha Tin Junior School is a wonderful community to work in. Our Year 6 Students received many compliments from prospective Year 1 Parents during our school admission tours last week. I would like to thank all students and staff who participated in making our Open Evening so successful.

I would like to stress the importance of the ‘No Car Policy’ at Sha Tin Junior. I feel it is important to thank all of you for helping to keep our children safe at the start and end of the day by supporting the ‘No Car Policy’. There has been a notable improvement in this matter and I would urge parents to continue to be mindful of this situation.

I would also like to ask Parents to update their details regularly on Gateway. I would be specifically keen for parents who hold foreign passports (including Chinese passports) to add or update Gateway accounts. It is important to keep our foreign passport figures updated as this is a condition of our registration with the Hong Kong Education Bureau (as The English Schools Foundation).

After the October break, I would be very keen to start to meet with parents regularly to get to know this community better. I would like to make sure you get best value and service from me.

Thank you all for making me feel so welcome. Please be assured of my commitment to you, your children and this school. I am very much looking forward to the future together.


Best wishes,

Rehana Shanks


Date for your diary

24 SEP  Parents Volunteer Coffee Morning
27 SEP  Lower School House Competition – Obstacle Course
30 SEP  School Closure – CPD Staff Devleopment Day
1 OCT  Public Holiday
4 OCT  Unit of Inquiry Reports Live on Gateway (4pm)
7 – 11 OCT  Half Term
15 – 18 OCT  School Photo
15 OCT  Parent Teacher Conferences
17 OCT  Parent Teacher Conferences
23 OCT  Parent Teacher Conferences

As always, we have a number of events planned for parents. You will be receiving separate invitations/notifications for each event, but to remind you of the programme, there are some of the events that are already in the diary.
Subscribe to our School Calendar for the latest updates: http://sjs.edu.hk/calendar/


Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

Sha Tin Junior School retains its membership in the Hong Kong Music and Speech Association in order to support individual parents who wish to train and then enter their children into the annual festival.

The registration day is quickly approaching. In order to facilitate the process and to help parents take advantage of this opportunity should they wish to do so, the school will coordinate the administration of forms and entry fees.

First, parents should be familiar with the demands of the festival competition and these can be found on the association’s web site on www.hksmsa.org.hk .

The next step is to download the appropriate entry form, complete with a cheque for entry fee made payable to Sha Tin Junior School.

Important Dates to be noted

Syllabus available to download from the Association website Immediate
Entry Forms available to download from the Association website Now to 15 October 2019
Deadline for return the application form and cheque to Sha Tin Junior 27 September 2019 (4 pm)
Music Festival Period 24 February – 25 March 2020

To access the application form via the Association web, parents need to enter the membership number and password. Entry forms will not be available at school. The details are as follows:

Membership: 013085
Password: 4pywv5

Should you have any queries regarding the festivals, please contact the Hong Kong Music and Speech Association on 2761 3877 or visit their website for assistance.

Author Visit - Ritu Hemnani

A local author – Ritu Hemnani – has visited Y4 today. She brought and shared an inspiring, beautiful and heartwarming story “Gope and Meera – A Migration Story”.

More photographs on the pdf file.

Library Updates

Library update
The children are enjoying the new books in the library.  The preparations for Battle of the Books are under way and more than 60 children have started to read the book selection in readiness for competition.
Borrowing and returns
There have been some changes to the library borrowing procedures.  Year 1 children will borrow weekly.  Children from Year 2 to Year 6 will borrow books once a cycle.
Year 1-3:
Week A:  Borrowing and library skills
Week B:  Information literacy (Y1 also borrowing)
Year 4-6:
Week A:   information literacy
Week B:   Borrowing and library skills
At the start of the year, we said goodbye to our long time Librarian, Cindy Wong.  As we wait for our new librarian to arrive, the library has limited opening hours.  We hope to return to normal operations in October.  Children will then be able to access the library for returns and borrowing before and after school as well as break times.  This will allow the children more freedom to change books as and when they need to.
We thank you for your patience.
Encouraging your child to read good books
We often get asked for recommendations for books children to read.  There are many lists available online but we found this a useful starting point (we haven’t read them all yet): Top 100 Childrens Books of All Time
Battle of the Books cover are on the pdf file.

SJS PTA Mooncakes Drive

Thank you for everyone who have participated and donated mooncakes to Food Angel. We have collected 202 mooncakes.

More photographs on the pdf file.

House Captains

A group of brave students competed to be elected as the new House Captains.

Evelyn 6.4 (HC)
Valerie 6.5 (HC)
Charlotte 6.5 (VC)
Bernice 6.3 (VC)
Aadit 6.3 (VC)
Adara 6.2 (VC)

Ivy 6.4 (HC)
Jennifer 6.1 (HC)
Harry 6.4 (VC)
Chiu Wa 6.1 (VC)
Ashley 6.4 (VC)

Alyssa 6.2 (HC)
William 6.5 (HC)
Qingcius 6.4 (VC)
Andrea 6.3 (VC)

Akanksha 6.2 (HC)
Jason 6.1 (HC)
Audrey 6.4 (VC)
Michael 6.1 (VC)
Annie 6.5 (VC)

More photographs on the pdf file.

Upcoming House Competitions

Lower School Obstacle Course – 27th September

Y4-6 Basketball shoot out – 4th October

SJS Get Redressed Day! - Wear & Share Your Old Clothes

Dear Parents and Students,

This October we are supporting local environmental charity Redress in their environmental awareness campaign ‘Get Redressed Month’. Through education, Redress’ goal is to help reduce textile waste, address over-consumption and educate students about the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Why is fashion so polluting?

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, affecting everything from our land and water to the air that we breathe:

It causes around 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions – more than the aviation and shipping industries combined – and is the second-biggest polluter of clean water.
Globally, one garbage truck full of textiles is landfilled or burned every second, and in Hong Kong alone we dump 370 tonnes of textile waste into our landfills every single day. Yet 95% of textiles that are thrown away every year could be re-used, recycled or repaired.
The world’s appetite for fast fashion, business models that promote new clothing in stores every week (as opposed to every season), and our habits of wearing clothing only a handful of times before throwing it away are exacerbating the problem. Globally, we currently make and consume over 100 billion new garments every year.

Get Redressed Clothing Drive

One of the simplest ways to reduce the environmental impact of our clothes is to make sure they receive a second life through re-sale, re-use or recycling when we don’t want them anymore. During October, Redress is collecting unwanted clothes from parents, students and staff of Sha Tin Junior School through a donation box located at Y5 Shared Area. Please drop off your unwanted men’s, women’s and children’s clothes between Monday 14 October and Friday 18 October. Please note that shoes, school and work uniforms and home textiles e.g. towels, blankets etc. are not accepted.

All clothes will be carefully sorted by Redress and either re-sold at the Redress Educational Pop-Up Shop, redistributed for re-use by 20+ local charities including Pathfinders, Impact HK, Crossroads and J Life Foundation, recycled, downcycled or repurposed.

Get Redressed Day is on Monday 21 October

Suggested donation is HK$10

Get Redressed Day promotes healthy attitudes towards our consumption of clothing and celebrates alternatives to buying new clothes, such as swapping, borrowing or buying secondhand. Students should wear something that was not purchased from new. For example:

  • Clothes purchased secondhand
  • Clothes that have been fixed e.g. patch, altered, darned, new zips/buttons added
  • Clothes that have been borrowed or swapped with a friend/family member
  • The oldest item in their wardrobe
  • Hand-me-downs
  • Homemade or up-cycled clothes
  • Items made from recycled yarns/plastic

They will also be given a sticker to wear that indicates the origins of their chosen outfits, so that they can talk about it with their peers and discuss what makes it sustainable.

Students taking part in Get Redressed Day are requested to bring a small donation of HK$10. All donations will go back to the charity Redress and their work to prevent and transform textile waste in Hong Kong. The funds raised help Redress deliver public education projects and enable them to collect, sort, recycle and redistribute clothing donations received by the public all-year round.

For more information about Get Redressed Month please visit www.redress.com.hk/getredressedmonth


Best wishes

Laura Crawley & Paul Campbell

Other Messages

Johns Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth CTY Information Session in HK

Clubs by Private Providers

Click here for details.


Please note: The following programmes are not school based. They are run by some reputable organizations in Hong Kong and information is passed to parents on this basis.