2 Jul 2019

eNews Term 3 Issue 4

Dear Parents and Children,

Apologies for the delay in getting this newsletter out and I hope you have enjoyed the first flush of the summer break.  We enjoyed a fabulous last few days of the school year, with assemblies, discos, parties and a flash mob to celebrate the end of term.

We said many fond farewells to the children, parents and staff colleagues and wished each other well for the summer ahead.

For some of us, the goodbyes are a little more permanent, as we will be leaving the SJS community.  I speak from experience when I say that our excitement over the new beginnings is tinged with sadness at leaving this wonderful community.


Goodbye to our Friends

Over the last few days we have bid au revoir to:

  • All students and their families who are moving on to new schools and in most cases to new lives in new countries, over the summer.
  • To our Year 6 students and their families.

To the following members of the staff team:

  • Cindy Wong – Librarian
  • Jingyang Gao – Mandarin EA
  • Reah Bruce – Year 2 Teacher
  • Megan Prideaux – Year 3 Teacher
  • Michelle Palmer – Year 5 Teacher
  • Kim Tan – Year 5 Teacher
  • Sarah Wright – Year 6 Teacher and Team Leader
  • Skye Jeynes – Lead Teacher of Curriculum (although Skye is only leaving us on a two-year secondment)
  • Chris Briggs – Vice Principal

Special congratulations to those staff members who are leaving us on promoted posts:

  • Chris Briggs – who will be taking on the role of Principal at ESF Gleanealy School
  • Skye Jeynes – who will be taking on the role of Teaching and Learning Coach within the ESF Education Team.
  • Jingyang Gao – who has secured a teaching post at Singapore International School

Cindy and Kim are taking well-earned retirements, Michelle is moving to ESF Beacon Hill School and Sarah, Megan and Reah are returning to posts in UK.  Good luck to all and to each and everyone, thank you for the roles you have played in ensuring an excellent education for our children.


Welcome to our New Staff Members

  • Rehana Shanks – joins SJS from Dean Park Primary School in Scotland. Rehana will lead the school as Principal.
  • Chris Coyle – joins SJS from ESF Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten, on a 12 month secondment. Chris will take on the role of Vice Principal.
  • Derek Pinchbeck – joins SJS from the position of Primary Advisor for Teaching and Learning with the ESF Education Team, on a 12 month secondment. Derek will take the role of Lead Teacher for Curriculum and Pedagogy.
  • Melanie Lovell (James) – joins SJS from Greenhill Primary School in England and will take responsibility for a Year 1 class.
  • Jeremy Burke – joins SJS from Northcote Lodge School in England and will take responsibility for a Year 2 class.
  • Rebecca Payne – joins SJS as a Year 1 teacher.
  • Regina Rogers – joins SJS as a Librarian
  • Carmen Lam – joins SJS as a Music EA
  • Shweta Khanna – joins SJS as a Y3 EA
  • Ada Wang & Daisy Xie – join SJS as Mandarin EAs

We also welcome back from periods of leave:

  • Gemma Shavell and Sonja Welner


Class Lists for Next Year

On Tuesday the students visited their new teachers and you will have received confirmation of the class placements for next year.  The full staff list is located in the pdf newsletter.


UNICEF Kid Power Project

Our Student Council Reps reported on the success of our Kid Power Project, during our assembly on Thursday.  I find the final numbers to be absolutely mind-blowing.  The children who took part in the project for the 3 month period of March, April and May walked a combined total of over 413,000,000 steps.

Please read the article later in this newsletter for further information around what those steps have provided in support of World Famine Relief.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed.


 …… And finally

This will be my last newsletter to the community as I will also be leaving the school this summer.  I have been proud to be associated with such a positive, vibrant and successful school community for the last 10 years.  I leave comfortable in the knowledge that SJS is a successful school and that the community will ensure the school will continue in a positive direction moving ahead.

There are a number of indicators which provide evidence of a successful school and I believe SJS achieves many.   The students are the truest validation of the school.  They come to school with a smile and exhibit a love of learning, which is quite unique in my experience of schools around the world.  They take advantage of the opportunities on offer at the school and take seriously their pledge to ensure they are life-long learners.   It’s obvious in all our interactions that there is a general feeling that; “It’s Cool to be a Learner at SJS”.

I thank the parent community for their unwavering support of their children and of the school.  The attitude shown by your child is so much stronger because it is reinforced at home.  Special mention must be made of the parents who give of their time to serve on the Parent Teacher Association and of the parents and community representative who have served on the School Council over the years.  Also to the parents who are able to come into school to work with the classes on a voluntary basis.  I thank you all.

The staff at SJS are a talented group, are professional in their outlook and actions and ensure that student learning has been at the core of all we do.  I have learned much from my teaching colleagues over the years and of course, that is true for the students as well.

I would like to thank everyone for the kind words and sentiments that have been passed my way as my time at this school draws nigh.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have served as Principal of SJS.

I would like to wish Rehana Shanks every success as she takes over the role of Principal in August and wish everyone a successful future.  I look forward to hearing of the achievements of the SJS students as the school continues from strength to strength moving forward.


Best wishes,

Perry Tunesi