17 Jun 2019

eNews Term 3 Issue 3


Dear Parents and Children,

This is a brief newsletter to outline a few important events that have been planned for the final two weeks of term.

Wednesday 19 June
Year 6 STEAM Event
ECO Day at SJS
07.00 Walk to School – Meet at Fo Tan MTR

Thursday 20 June
Dress Casual Day
12.00 Student Council School Fair
18.00 Performing Arts Club Performance

Friday 21 June
End of Year Reports are live (18:00 onwards)
08.30 Parent Support Group Meeting
13.00 Year 3 Learning Journey

Monday 24 June
PTA Ice Cream Day

Tuesday 25 June
14.00 Students to Meet their New Teachers

Wednesday 26 June
13.45 End of Year House Celebration

Thursday 27 June
08.30 Whole School Assembly
11.30 Year 6 Parent/Child Social
12.30 Year 6 Leavers Presentations

Friday 28 June
11.45 End of School
Shuttle Buses on Last Day
To Fo Tan MTR Station
12 noon, 12:40 pm, 13:00 pm
To Wu Kai Sai MTR and University MTR
12:40 pm

Please remember tickets purchased for the buses to date are only valid for this term. Arrangements for next term are outlined on the Chit Luen website.


ECO Day – Wednesday 19 June

Our Environmental Representative Group (ERG) has planned a final ECO Day this Wednesday. The main event will be a Walk to School from Fo Tan MTR. We will gather at the usual place (Fo Tan MTR Station Exit B) at 7 am and we will embark on a supervised walk to school. Drinks will be provided by the PTA when the ‘walkers’ reach school.

It is a strongly held wish by the ERG members that we exceed the magic number of 100 walkers on this occasion.

A sign-up sheet for the walkers can be accessed via Gateway eNotice. Please do sign up if you are planning to walk as this is important information for teachers. We don’t want to be leaving the MTR station if there are some delayed students still on their way.

If you and/or your child is not able to walk to school on Wednesday, and your usual mode of transport to school is by private car, please think of another form of transport for your child’s morning arrival at school.


Student Council School Fair – Thursday 20 June

Our Student Council members have been working hard to organize a mini fair to take place on Thursday lunchtime. The event will be supported by a dress casual day. All students are asked to donate HK$25 for the privilege of dressing in casual clothes and attending the fair.


PTA Ice Cream Day

PTA ice cream will be on Monday 24 June. If you would like your child to have ice cream during lunch time, please fill in the form which has been distributed to your child last week. Send your signed pre order form with HK$20 note in by Wednesday 19 June.
There are 3 Haagen-Dazs favours:

  • Mango & Raspberry
  • Vanilla
  • Cookies & Cream


Blue Shirts for Friday 28 June

During the Parent BBQ a few weeks back, I promised a large number of children that I would have an appropriate pen available to sign their blue football shirts on the last day of term. In order to keep my promise, I would like to offer those children who want to, the opportunity to wear their blue shirts on the last day of school. The PTA have some ‘kid size’ shirts remaining. The cost is HK$80 per shirt, should you still wish to purchase one for your child. Please contact the PTA office.


Best wishes,

Perry Tunesi


Student Passport Details

As you know, the International School sector is well governed here in Hong Kong, with many regulations in place to ensure a consistency of standards and service provision.

One of the regulations that is applied to all International Schools to varying degrees is a target ratio for the number of families with ‘local’ passports compared to ‘foreign’ ones. In the case of ESF, this target ratio is 70/30 in favour of ‘foreign’ passport holders.

This target applies to ESF as a whole, not individual schools. As long as we maintain an average of 70/30 across all ESF schools (with the exception of our two Private Independent Schools – Discovery College and Renaissance College), then we are fully compliant with the regulations.

Our colleagues at the ESF Central Admissions team have been looking at our latest figures. While we are still compliant, we are getting close to the 70/30 split – so we need to take some action.

Rather than changing any of our admissions policies – as you know, we are very proud of the fact that we are non-selective system – the ESF Central Admissions team think that the first thing that we need to do is an exercise to make sure that the current data we have on our system is fully accurate and fully up to date.

In particular, they want us to make sure that our families here at SJS who hold dual nationality have registered that with us. If this applies to you, it would be great if you could update your profile.

This is a relatively straightforward thing to do. It should only take a couple of minutes of your time. The attached document sets out the steps you need to follow. You begin the process by logging into Gateway. Then click on Student Demographics and follow the instruction on the attached link.

Link: A guide to entering passport information

If you have any problems carrying this out, please get in touch with Kari Yeung (2692 2721) who would be more than happy to help you out.