5 Jun 2019

eNews Term 3 Issue 2

Dear Parents and Children,

It’s hard to believe that we are already well into the month of June and fast approaching the end of the school year. We have a number events and celebrations planned for the next three weeks. They are designed to both celebrate the successes of this year and to help prepare for a successful future.

Before I tell you about those preparations, I would like to express my thanks for everyone who was able to come along to my ‘Retirement BBQ’ two weeks ago. It was humbling to spend the evening with so many friends and it is a memory I will hold dear.

I did have a quiet chuckle the following Monday morning at the surprise expressed by quite a few of the children, when they realized I still had a few weeks left at school and wasn’t flying off into the sunset immediately after the BBQ. The sentiments and questions, when asked, were I’m glad to say, mostly positive.

Oh to be young and to have such a flexible concept of time!

Staff Developments

The next year will see a number of changes to the staff team at SJS. I will give a brief outline below – focusing on the ‘leavers’ first.

Huge congratulations are due to Chris Briggs and Skye Jeynes for their recently confirmed and well-earned promotions.

Chris has been appointed Principal of Glenealy School. Chris joined us at SJS 3 years ago and in the short time he has been with us, has brought a new dimension to the leadership of the school. His leadership of the Early Years, in particular, the development of play based learning and the revision of our Year 1 admission procedure has had a profound impact on school life.

Skye has been seconded to the Teaching and Learning Coach role with the ESF Education Team. Skye joined SJS in 2002 and has taught across the age ranges, led year groups and most recently, as PYP Coordinator has led the development of our curriculum. She joins the Education Team for a two year period.

Both Chris and Skye will commence their new roles in August.

In addition we will bid farewell to the following teachers:

  • Kim Tan (Year 5) Retiring
  • Sarah Wright (Year 6 Year Leader) Leaving HK
  • Reah Bruce (Year 2) Leaving HK
  • Megan Prideaux (Year 3) Leaving HK
  • Michelle Palmer (Year 5) Moving to another ESF school.

We will also bid farewell to Cindy Wong who has done a wonderful job in developing our Learning Centre into the powerful resource we enjoy today.

We will be welcoming a number of new staff to the fold.

Derek Pinchbeck and Chris Coyle will be joining the school, along with our New Principal, Rehana Shanks, as members of the School Leadership Team.

Derek is currently the Learning and Teaching Advisor for ESF and he brings a wealth of knowledge regarding the PYP and primary school teaching and learning expertise.

Chris is currently Principal of ESF Wu Kai Sha International Kindergarten. He is a very familiar face to most of our younger children, especially our new Year 1 WKS cohort. Chris knows the school very well following the close collaboration between SJS and WKS around the development of the new ESF Year 1 student admission process.

An introduction to Chris and Derek from Belinda Greer is attached.

Our new teachers include:

  • Melanie Lovell Year 1 From UK
  • Jeremy Burke Year 2 From Australia via UK
  • Rebecca Payne Year 1 From HK

We also welcome back from leave:

  • Katie Stears, Gemma Shavell and Sonja Welner



Details of the new student bus system for next year have now been confirmed and the booking website is operational. Please log in to see the routes and the prices and to reserve your places now.

On an associated matter, please note that the current 2018-19 shuttle bus tickets are not valid after June 28, 2019. Unused tickets are non-refundable, nor can they be carry forward to new school year.

Bookings for the shuttle buses next year have to be carried out via the website and ticket will no longer be available from the school office.


Footballs and Basketballs on the Playground

We have been increasingly concerned by the large number of accidents caused by children and adults being hit by footballs and basketballs during playtime games. Despite efforts to segregate the games and the net the areas to contain the balls, the number of accidents continues to rise. In addition, work on the roof of the undercover playground over the Easter holiday involved the installation of new lighting. Some of these lights have been damaged by flying balls already.

In response to this we have taken the difficult decision to ask children not to bring their own footballs and basketballs into school from next Monday. We will provide a set of softer balls to enable the children to continue their games, but we will be stopping games which involve the use of heavier balls.

Thank you for your cooperation with this and we will review the situation for next year.


ECO Day – 19 June

The Environmental Action Group have requested that we hold another ECO day on Wednesday 19 June. They are determined that we beat the record of 99 participants in the Walk to School Event, so please come along and support.

They are also asking us all to be innovative in our journeys to school and to avoid the use of private cars if at all possible. Walking to school would appear to be the perfect solution!!

Details of the event can be found in the PDF newsletter.


Best wishes,

Perry Tunesi


ESF Art Exhibition

For the last two weeks, 13 of our talented SJS artists have had their artwork displayed as part of the ESF Art Exhibition. It was wonderful to be part of the opening ceremony on Friday 24th May and see our proud artists with their artwork. Thank you to all of the SJS artists who submitted artworks, and to all parents and staff for supporting this event.

ESF Chinese Talent Show 2019 Results

On 18 May, 31 SJS students took part in different competition entries in the ESF Chinese Talent Show 2019. In addition to the usual individual events, group events for upper primary were introduced this year for the first time. Six girls from Year 5 and 6 represented SJS and competed with teams from 4 other schools in a series of Chinese quizzes and movie dubbing. The team won the First Prize in the group event.

Our students have dedicated their time and effort in preparing for the competition. A big well done to all participants and congratulations to the award winners:

Cherry (3.1): Second Prize, Poem Recital

Bonnie (3.2): Second Prize, Chinese Character Pinyin Input

Isaac (3.3): First Prize, Chinese Character Pinyin Input; Second Prize, Hard Pen Calligraphy

Tiffany (5.3): Third Prize, Story-telling; Third Prize, Hard Pen Calligraphy

Allyssa (5.4), Annie (5.4), Grace (6.5), Helen (6.1), Ivy (5.1) and Yixuan (6.4): First Prize, Group Events

Award winners will be invited to collect their prizes at ESF Center later in June.