15 Apr 2019

eNews Term 2 Issue 5


Dear Parents and Students,

Well, the end of another term has come and gone and I hope you are enjoying the first day of the Spring break.

This is a slightly delayed newsletter as we wanted to include information from the End of Term Assembly that was held on Friday. Hopefully, with the holidays upon us, you will have a little more time than usual to enjoy the stories and updates in the newsletter.

Student Council Update

Our Student Council members continued with their quest to raise the power of student voice across the school and led a number of successful initiatives this term:

Reading Sheds – the sheds are now located on the roof playground and are ready for use. They are designed to provide children with the opportunity to read for pleasure at break and lunchtimes. They are situated close to our memorial garden on the roof top, providing an ideal environment for a quiet read. At assembly on Friday, a plea was made for children to bring in any spare and suitable books from home to stock the sheds. The books can be delivered each morning to 5.2 or 2.3.

UNICEF Kid Power Bands – this project has proved very popular with 783 students and a large percentage of the staff wearing their bands with pride. As of 2 April (1 month into the project), a total of 6.5 million steps have been taken by SJS community members. These steps equate to the purchase of 6527 nutrition packs for malnourished children around the world. A wonderful effort.

Jockey Club Sarah Roe School – Bus Purchase – The Student Council organized our support of World Autism Day by ensuring the smooth operation of our “Wear Blue” day. The funds raised totaled HK$20,000 and this was donated to the JCSRS PTA to go towards the purchase of a specially adapted bus for their students.

Environmental Warriors

Our team of Environmental Warriors ensured our honesty in support of the recent ‘Hour of No Power’. After ensuring that there was no use of power across the school, the team were keen to find out how much power we had saved. They accessed our EnTrack System and were delighted to calculate that there was a significant dip in our electricity consumption. The team are keen for the school to hold a monthly ‘Hour of No Power’ to make a statement about our concern for the environment.

At the assembly on Friday, the team informed us that they are planning another ‘Walk to School’ event next term. The date will be announced after studying the weather forecast. 99 students took part in our last event and the Warriors are determined that we exceed the magic 100 this time around. Dust off your walking shoes and strap on your Kid Power Bands!


Tournament of Minds

We entered three teams in the HK final of Tournament of the Minds, which was held at SJS a few Saturdays ago. The teams were competing in 3 different categories, STEM, Language and Literature and The Arts. I am delighted to report that the Language and Literature (Primary) team won their category and have been invited to compete in the international finals in Hobart, Australia in October. This is the 4th time a team from SJS has been successful in winning a TOM category in HK and in the past, teams have travelled to compete in Perth, Darwin and Hobart. Congratulations to all our participants.

As a point of interest, teams from Sha Tin College were also successful in scooping the prizes for Language and Literature and the Arts in the secondary school section. It was a good day all round for the Sha Tin Schools.

Sports Update

Firstly, congratulations to all our participants in the Lower School Sports Day, which we were finally able to hold on 22 March at KCC. Special mention to Lion who were the winning house on the day.

Also a big ‘Well Done’ to Sandmartin as the overall House Champions for Term 2.

During the assembly members from a number of our competitive sports teams reported upon their achievements this term.


In summary:

  • The Jump Jam Team performed at a number of events over the term – including in support of the JCSRS fund raising efforts.
  • Our Cross Country Running Team enjoyed success at cross country festivals held by ESF, RCHK, and HKPSSA.
  • The Basketball Team competed in tournaments run by Kowloon Schools and HKPSSA.
  • Our Mixed Hockey Team also competed in tournaments run by Kowloon Schools and the HKPSSA and received the ‘Fair Play’ Award in the latter tournament.
  • The Tag and Touch Rugby Teams took part in tournaments organized by DBIS and HKPSSA.

Our students achieved success in a wide variety of sporting activities and are to be congratulated for their efforts. My thanks also go the teachers, under the leadership of Mr Kelleher and Ms Ledesma, who have given of their time to coach and organize the teams.

Bey Blades

And finally, returning to the topic of Bey Blades. I had a most productive meeting with some of our Year 6 students, who took it upon themselves to look into the ‘fair play and fair trade’ issues which led to the banning of the game at school a few weeks ago. The students explained the nature of the Bey Blade activity as it existed with the Year 4-6 students and they have offered to run workshops for the younger children, which focus on the rules of the game and the dangers of trading and theft.

As a result, and for a trial period, students in Year 4-6 will be allowed to resume their Bey Blade activities on the Roof Playground during break and lunch playtimes from the start of next term. Once the PYP Exhibition has finished, the older students will look to run some sessions for the Year 1-3 children and we will look to a limited re-introduction of the activity across the school in June.

Best wishes,

Perry Tunesi

SJS Y6 Action Appeals

Dear SJS Community,

We are Sea Ambassadors and we have gained greater knowledge of the complex system we are all a part of. We have learnt that sharks are the apex predator of the seas and have been for over 400 million years. It is only been, in recent years, that these resilient creatures have declined in numbers due to overfishing. Being the agents of change that we are, we urge you to support the Hong Kong Shark Foundation by signing this online petition the consumption of shark fin soup. When the buying stops the killing can too. When the killing stops the police of the ocean (sharks) will repopulate and the ocean will be restored.

Link (due to the fact we don’t use postal codes in HK, simply enter 0000). Further opportunities will be displayed once you sign the petition- you can simply ‘skip’ them if you wish.

A few moments of your time could help make a major change in Hong Kong and a vital change in the ocean world. We believe the only way to make sustainable change sometimes, is to change the rules, and this is one rule that needs to change in Hong Kong.

Together, we can make a difference.

Year 6

Dear Parents,

I am writing to ask you to help take action. For part of my exhibition, I am doing ‘no poverty’ and have decided to take action by collecting old crayons and recycling them to make “new” crayons. I hope you will be able to help donate some old crayons.

The charity I am donating to is ‘Green Baby’, which resells second-hand baby goods.

I have left an orange coloured box in the Year 6 shared area to place the crayons into.

I hope you will be able to take part and help me in exhibition.

Yours sincerely,

Jocelyn of class 6.2

Thank you from the JCSRS PTA

We dressed in Blue on Tuesday 2 April to Support Autism Awareness to the Jockey Club Sarah Roe School (JCSRS) to help in their quest to purchase a wheelchair accessible school bus to help students travel to school and from school.

On behalf of the JCSRS PTA, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your support of World Autism Awareness Day and our Danceathon.

Thanks to you and all the caring, courageous students, teachers and staff, we are not only closer to the financial goal of purchasing a bus for our special needs children, but also touched by a strong sense of kinship with the broader ESF community. We are overwhelmed by your spirit of inclusion and support.

To date, we have received over $200,000 from the ESF schools and parent communities who have participated in the Wear Blue Day and the Danceathon. While we still have much work ahead of us to reach our goal of $1 million for the bus, your support has kickstarted our efforts in a huge way, and lifted our spirits and hope. We proud to be part of the ESF community, with leaders like you who inspire new heights of collaboration. We look forward to the chance to thank you in person in the near future.


With best wishes,

Sandra Feran & Sandra Lee
Co-Chairs of the JCSRS PTA

Y1-3 Sports Day Results

Sprint Champions 


1.3 Ethan

2.2 Ryan

3.5 Traejan 


1.4 Alexa

2.5 Galla

3.2 Callie

House Points

Banyan: 4349

Dragon: 4519

Lion: 4654

Sandmartin: 4103

Hockey Team


A few weeks ago, the SJS Hockey Team went to a tournament at Hong Kong University. We played against other ESF schools (ICHK, BHS etc.) and developed our hockey skills while understanding the other school’s tactics. Although we did not win, we merely developed a strong bond between all the players in the hockey team and now understand what we require from each other on the field.

We have the opportunity to play again as a team tomorrow at another tournament and we all look forward to doing so.

by Charles of class 6.3

More photos on PDF version.

RCHK and SJS Student Led Workshops for Students

On 22nd March, 20 Year 5 and 6 students from SJS went to RCHK Red Door Centre to take part in the first Student Led Workshops for Students.

The aim was for students to share and teach other students about their passions and things that they have learnt. Students had choice over what they were learning about. Students had a voice when they were presenting their learning. The day developed student agency, cooperation and communication skills.

The presenters had a great level expertise and the participants from both schools were engaged and respectful throughout. The presenters had been busy preparing, the week before they had practiced with students from 5.1 and had received some top presenting and pedagogical tips from Mr Coast (6.2), Mrs Wright (6.4), Mrs Troy (5.1) and Mr Haworth (Learning tech). The workshops were 45 minutes long which let the participants really get to grips with the subject matter. There were workshops on VR creation (Cospaces), 3D printing (Tinkercad), Block coding (Scratch), Stop motion, Robotics (Lego) and woodwork.

Teachers, Mr Haworth and Mr Prohaska (RCHK), both agreed that it had been a privilege to be involved. They enjoyed seeing how the students stepped up to the challenge. It’s a great example of student agency in action.

If your child is in Year 5 and 6 and has a passion for making, there is a Makers Club being run next term on Tuesday lunchtimes.

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