14 Mar 2019

eNews Term 2 Issue 4


Dear Parents and Students,

We begin this newsletter with a message from our newly appointed Principal – Rehana Shanks. 

Congratulations to Rehana and thanks to all community members who participated in the recruitment process. Rehana will begin her role in August 2019.

Shuttle Bus Updates

I am pleased to pass on the news that, due to the success of our current trial, the shuttle buses from University and Wu Kai Sha will be extended. From 1st April to the end of the academic year. The new routes will be a paid service at HK$7.50 per person per trip.

The service is open to students, staff and parents with a valid ticket, which can be purchased from SJS Reception. On occasions where seats are limited, please note that students will have the highest priority, followed by members of staff.

Momo Challenge

There has been a great deal of media coverage recently about the supposed ‘Momo On-Line Challenge.’ Evidence points to the idea that this is a media amplified story, based on a hoax that surfaced last year. As such, I am reluctant to add credence to the hoax by opening discussion in our newsletter. However, teachers are aware of growing concern among children and parents.

I would stress that the Momo Challenge has been confirmed as a hoax and does not pose a threat to children – however the perceived threat is causing some anxiety.

If your child becomes anxious about the perceived threat, I would urge parents to follow these actions:

  • With older children discuss the nature of internet hoaxes and the role of media in amplifying the threat and reinforce the idea of fact checking sources.
  • Reinforce guidance the school already shares about the safe use of social media. The school recommends using Common Sense Media to help inform your choices about technology at home.
  • Remind children of strategies to manage anxiety if they are worried.
  • Encourage students to discuss with parents or teachers if they encounter anything that scares them online.
  • In all cases, please let your child’s teacher know if your child displays any signs of anxiety about the hoax, or any other form of on-line communication, for that matter.

This BBC article is one of many which provides some background to the story and also suggests some strategies: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-47393510

I attach a copy of the ‘SJS Responsible Use of the Internet Agreement’ for your reference (in the PDF version).

On another, but related to ICT matter we have noticed an increasing number of younger students playing games online which are not age appropriate. With this comes an increased exposure to inappropriate language as well as violence, adult themed content as well as interactions with strangers. Examples of such games include Grand Theft Auto, Roblox and Fortnite among many others. Please check with Common Sense Media on Online Learning Resources to see if the games your child is playing are rated as appropriate for them.

Around the School - Kid Power Bands

The UNICEF Kid Power Bands have proved a huge success with over 630 bands now distributed to students across the school. Thanks to the efforts of Ms Crawley and Mr Campbell, we have managed to secure a second delivery of bands. These bands which are currently being synchronized, should be ready for distribution by the end of this week.

We still have a few bands left, so, if you have yet to purchase one for your child, please email either Ms Crawley or Mr Campbell

Congratulations to Allie (1.3), Shawn (2.3), Winston (3.1), Chloe (5.5) and Crystal (6.4) for their success in the ECO Friday ‘Walk to School’ draw, where the prize was a free Power Band.

Year 5 Market Day

Congratulations to our Year 5 team for a hugely successful Market Day. The Opening of the Event for Parents, which was linked to the Learning Journey on Tuesday, was graced with a rare break from the rain and encouraged an excellent turnout. The rest of the school, as always’ enjoyed their time at the market and ensured stall takings were high.

Lower School Sports Day

The event has been rearranged (same time, same venue) for Friday 22 March. A reminder will be sent out closer to the date and we will be keeping our fingers crossed for fair weather.

Best wishes,

Perry Tunesi

2019 onwards - Principal of SJS


I am delighted to be the new Principal of Sha Tin Junior School.

I am hugely appreciative of the support I received from the ESF community during the appointment process and of how welcome I was made to feel in Hong Kong last week. I am delighted to be appointed to lead your school, a school whose moto is ‘Learning for Life’. I recognise and intend to value everyone’s talents, hard work and loyalty to Sha Tin Junior School and the ESF. I am looking forward to being able to share and celebrate in the school’s hard work and achievements. Personally, and for my family, this is an extremely exciting opportunity.

I shall be at Sha Tin in the week beginning 8 April and I hope very much to meet many of you then, before I take up post in August. Together we will continue to help the school and its learners flourish.

Rehana Shanks

Abby and Shannon from Year 6 are taking action

Abby and Shannon are being proactive and looking to make an impact ‘glocally’. They saw an issue at school so they emailed some teachers. Following the email they were asked to attend a technology meeting with Mr Yip, Mr Fan, Mr Chu and Mr Haworth. This is a wonderful example of student making choices for a better future by making sure their voice is heard. 

Our Chromebook model in school can be charged from empty to 100% in about 3 hours. We are now trialling to reduce the charging time to 3 hours per day and also cut out the charging period during lunch. This will be carried out and tested in the Year 6 area.

Dear Mr Tunesi, Mr Turner, Mr Haworth, Mr Fan and Mr Yip,

For our Sharing the Planet unit, we have been focusing on taking action and making an impact as preparation for Y6 Exhibition. The Global Goals we have been honing in on are 13.2 (Integrate Climate Change Measures Into Politics and Planning) and 13.3 (Build Knowledge and Capacity to Meet Climate Change). If we don’t accomplish these targets soon, species will go extinct from heat waves, droughts, heavy rain and snow and other natural disasters.

We are trying to reduce the energy ‘glocally’ by not charging the Chromebooks overnight. The Chromebooks can charge during the day but as they are fully charged already, charging them after school is a waste of energy. Even this morning, when no one was at school, we wasted $22 dollars and released 9.2 kg of carbon emissions every hour, according to the statistics on En-Trak. And as you read this, we pay around $5 dollars every minute.

Although this will not make a huge difference, it is still an improvement. We are proposing to make a new rule where the Chromebooks are not charged after school in Y6, or even the whole school. Can you please consider our proposal?

Yours sincerely,
Shannon and Abby 6.4

Big Bird Race

Mr Thomas and his team have finished the Big Bird Race on Saturday 23 February in 5th place, after finding 139 species.

His team raised the most money, HK$107,465 and Mr Thomas himself was the highest individual fund raiser.

More information: Big Bird Race

HKPSSA Kowloon Cross Country Meet

On 7th March, SJS had 17 students from Y4-6 compete in the HKPSSA Kowloon Cross Country Meet held at Discovery College. Despite the rainy and cold weather the day started out with, we were pleased that the weather conditions improved during the race time. Students ran distances of 1.65 km, 2.1 km, and 3 km.

Logan (5.5) came in 2nd place for U9 Boys and Peta (5.2) came in 2nd place for U9 Girls!

More photos on PDF version.

Oculus Blind Concert (STC)

Date: March 1st

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Ticket prices: HK$60 for students, HK$80 for adults

Venue: Sha Tin College school hall

This is an event hosted by the Oculus team, who are a group of students that aim to raise funds in collaboration with Orbis. Blind Concert is a concert in the dark where the audience is blindfolded while listening to performers. The purpose of this event is to allow the audience to listen to music without visual distractions, much like a visually impaired person would, promoting the sense of hearing, which is so vital to someone with lack of sight.

There will be a large variety of performances, from soloists to ensembles, with performers comprising of both students and teachers. There will also be a dance performance, and refreshments will be provided in the hall in the intermission.

Here is an ordering form for tickets, which can be paid for on the day of the event, where tickets can be collected as well.

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