22 Feb 2019

eNews Term 2 Issue 3


Dear Parents and Students,

Please remember school will be closed for students on Monday 25 February to enable a series of staff training opportunities.

A number of our teachers will be attending the IBO workshops being hosted here and at Sha Tin College on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Principal Appointment Process

As you will be aware from previous communication, the appointment process for the new Principal of Sha Tin Junior School will reach a conclusion next week. The final three candidates will join us for three days of interviews and presentations from 26-28 February. Tuesday and Thursday will be spent at ESF Centre where a programme of interviews involving senior ESF staff, Board Members and Principal colleagues from ESF schools is planned. On Wednesday all three candidates will be at school. We have representative panels of students, parents, staff and colleagues from Sha Tin College lined up to meet with the candidates.

The candidates will also present their plans for the development of the school to community members on Wednesday evening. The presentations will be held in the school hall and will commence at 6pm. The event should be concluded by 8pm.

Below are links to:

  • A sign up sheet for those of you able to attend the presentations on Wednesday evening.
  • A link to a document on which attendees at the presentations can provide feedback on the candidates (this link will become live at 6pm on Wednesday evening).
  • A short biographical statement for each candidate.

Final interviews will be held at ESF on Thursday 28 February and the successful candidate will be introduced to the community soon thereafter.

UNICEF Kid Power Bands

The children’s excitement is growing with the distribution of the power bands here at school. We hope to complete the set up and distribution of the bands to all children, for whom an order has been placed, by the middle of next week. We will then begin counting the combined number of our steps in earnest – no competition there then!!

To remind you:

The project is jointly funded by UNICEF and the HK Jockey Club, with the aim of addressing UN Global Goal 2 – Zero Hunger.

UNICEF research shows that worldwide

  • 1 in 4 children are malnourished – and less than 20% of these children receive treatment.
  • 4 in 5 children are not engaging in sufficient physical activity.

The project aims to tackle both of these issues by encouraging our children to increase their ‘activeness’ and hence the number of steps they take each day. During the project period of 1 March to 31 May, a ‘Power Point’ is earned for every 2,500 steps taken by an individual.

For every 10 ‘Power Points’ an RUTF therapeutic nutrition pack is purchased. These will be distributed, by UNICEF, to areas of designated greatest need.

We can track our school and class results on an app which teachers will access with the children at school and the Student Council will provide regular updates of our progress.

What a wonderfully conceived project – one where we can make direct difference to global suffering.

Get moving everybody.

Year 5 Market Day

The Year 5 Market Day is always a popular and well-supported event – as well as one which provides a series of practically based learning experiences for our Year 5 students.

Preparations for the event, scheduled for Tuesday 5 March, are progressing at pace. On the day all children will be invited to bring some money into school in order to make some purchases from the Market Stalls. Closer to the event, the Year 5 children will be outlining the articles they are producing for sale.

They are keen to pass on the message now that they will also be focusing on a UN Global Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production. To help with this, the Year 5 students would like to invite their colleagues to bring into school, re-usable containers if they plan on purchasing drink or food items.

We wish the Year 5 team success with their preparations and again – more details for everyone closer to Market Day.

SJS Calendar 2019/20

The school calendar for next year (2019/20) is attached to this newsletter and can be reached by a link on: www.sjs.edu.hk/calendar/. It is pleasing to note that we have been able to align our calendar with that of Sha Tin College to a much greater extent next year. Hopefully, that will minimize disruption to families with children at both schools.

ESF Art Exhibition

Our students have been invited to contribute submissions to the ESF Art Exhibition to be held at ‘a high profile art gallery’ in Tsim Sha Tsui from 24 May to 2 June 2019. ESF will look to showcase the artistic journey of our students from K1 to Y13.

We have been asked to submit 30 pieces of artwork for display.

Teachers will be working with the children here at school and we would also like to invite the children to produce some artwork at home.

Use can be made of any of the visual art media and the size of the artwork is not restricted.

If your child wishes to bring in a piece of artwork from home, it should be delivered to the School Office (for Ms McMillin and Mrs Jeynes) by Monday 11 March. The artworks will also need an individual textual description no more than 300 words (include Student Name, Class, Year of School, School and The Title). All submissions will be considered when selecting the final 30 pieces for the exhibition.

Best wishes,

Perry Tunesi

More on UNICEF Kid Power Programme

SJS has teamed up with UNICEF to help tackle global goal 2 – Zero hunger through a scheme called KidPower. It is sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Children had the opportunity to sign up for a step counter before the Christmas holidays.

For every 25,000 steps we do, we earn one free food packet to send to a starving child.

Details has been published on Term 1 Issue 8.

  • Steps are counted between 1st March and 31st May.
  • We have started distributing them to students and should have them all out by next week at the latest.
  • They need to be taken off to shower or go swimming, but it is ok if they accidentally get wet.
  • Keep the charger somewhere safe. e.g. Pencil case, at home, draw, etc.
  • Classes will be updated once a week with their step total and how many packets they earn.
  • Children can keep the bands at the end and there will be an extension summer scheme for anyone interested.
  • Let’s take action and do our part towards achieving the global goal of zero hunger.

Brass Workshop

Mr. Homer Lee, French horn player from the Hong Kong Philharmonic and Mr. Jason Kong, trombone player from the Hong Kong Sinfonietta gave a brass workshop to our budding trumpet and trombone players.

Deer horn – the beginnings of brass instrument

Conch – use in different tribes with the same 3 components as brass instruments

  • a canal serves as mouthpiece (smaller opening)
  • a spiral shape of space that creates the resonance
  • a bell shape on the other end

Garden hose and funnel made instrument that works just like the trumpet or the French horn.

Cross Country Meet

On Thursday, 21 February, 17 SJS students competed in a 2.5 km cross country race put on by RCHK at Wu Kai Sha beach. Logan (5.5) took 3rd place in Y5 boys!

Jay (5.3) took 5th place in Y5 boys and Peta (5.2) took 5th place in Y5 girls.

Big Bird Race

I would like to thank the SJS Student Council for their donation in support of Hong Kong’s environment. Each year I join the Professionals team in the Big Bird race to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. The money raised is donated to the Mai Po Nature Reserve to help save the migrating shorebirds which travel each year from New Zealand and Australia on their way through China flying to Siberia to breed.

My team has to see as many bird species as we can in 12 hours. We travel to wild places in the northern New Territories such as Tai Po Kau, Long Valley, and Mai Po. Each team member has to identify the bird and the total number of species seen is recorded. Last year we saw 154 bird species. My team raised over $90,000 which all goes directly to Mai Po. I am very grateful for the continuing support of the children, parents and staff of Sha Tin Junior School.

Dylan Thomas
1.5 Class Teacher

Donate online: WWF.ORG
More information: Big Bird Race

Visual Art Exhibition hosed by ESF

Visual Art exhibition hosted by ESF

The work will be showcased at a prime location in Tsim Sha Tsui

We have an opportunity to be part of in a visual art exhibition hosted by ESF. The Exhibition will showcase artwork from students across ESF. The work will be showcased at a prime location in Tsim Sha Tsui giving us a fantastic opportunity to display the unique artistic journey ESF students go through from Kindergarten all the way through to Year 13.

As a school we need to collate not more than 30 art works. Students are invited to submit artwork that they have created at home. If you have a piece that your child would like to submit please bring into the school office by Monday 11 March including a description.

The artworks will also need an individual textual description no more than 300 words (include Student Name, Class, Year of School, School and The Title).

Artworks will not be returned until the beginning of June, after the Exhibition. Please be aware that there will be a fair amount of transportation throughout this process.
Once all submissions are in, Miss McMillin and Mrs Jeynes will select the final 30 pieces from the submissions. Entrants will be notified. We will aim to have a spread across the year levels.

Exhibition dates:
22 May – 23 May 2019 Exhibition moves in
24 May – 2 June 2019 Exhibition Period
2 June 2019 Exhibition moves out

ESF Chinese Talent Show 2019

To promote Chinese language learning and appreciation of Chinese culture amongst Hong Kong’s youngsters, ESF schools together with Australian International School will be hosting the ESF Chinese Talent Show in May 2019. In last year’s Zhou You Guang Cup Chinese Talent Competition, SJS students were well represented and results were highly satisfactory.

The ESF Chinese Talent Show is open to both native and non-native speaking students. Information of the event and link for registration could be found on the ESF website. Parents are encouraged to register for individual entries according to the interest and strength of your child. The group entry will only be opened to Year 5 and Year 6 students and audition will be held on 27 February during lunch time.

Deadline for registration will be on 10 March 2019. The Mandarin Team will support students through rehearsals during lunchtime clubs starting Mid March.

We look forward to your active participation in the event!

Oculus Blind Concert (STC)

Date: March 1st

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Ticket prices: HK$60 for students, HK$80 for adults

Venue: Sha Tin College school hall

This is an event hosted by the Oculus team, who are a group of students that aim to raise funds in collaboration with Orbis. Blind Concert is a concert in the dark where the audience is blindfolded while listening to performers. The purpose of this event is to allow the audience to listen to music without visual distractions, much like a visually impaired person would, promoting the sense of hearing, which is so vital to someone with lack of sight.

There will be a large variety of performances, from soloists to ensembles, with performers comprising of both students and teachers. There will also be a dance performance, and refreshments will be provided in the hall in the intermission.

Here is an ordering form for tickets, which can be paid for on the day of the event, where tickets can be collected as well.

Read our PDF newsletter for more on:

  • Student Recognition
  • Sarah Brennan’s Perfect Pig Tale Writing Competition for Primary School Kids
  • The Addams Family Musical Audition by Summer Musical School