20 Nov 2018

eNews Term 1 Issue 8 – Green Initiatives at SJS


Dear Parents and Students,

Green Initiatives at SJS

As you are aware, this is Green Week at SJS and we are looking to celebrate the actions we have in place and to discover new ideas to implement in our quest to protect our environment.

This short newsletter serves to highlight the eco-friendly initiates we are promoting at SJS. Please join us in ensuring the success of our projects.

ECO Friday – Walk to School and Free Shuttle Bus services

This is our major initiative of the week. Our Environmental Warriors are keen to highlight the problems of traffic pollution and congestion by promoting a ‘Car Free Friday’ in Lai Wo Rd. As usual, our walk to school event will be organized by Mr Hyde. The meeting place will be Exit B at Fo Tan MTR and teachers and parents will accompany the children in the 30-40 minute walk to school. Refreshments, provided by the PTA, will be available for the walkers when they reach the school playground.

Please sign up for the walk and help us reach our target of 125 participants.

To support our event, ESF are providing, FREE OF CHARGE, a shuttle bus service to and from 4 locations in the local area. The buses will depart from Fo Tan MTR (Exit B), University MTR, City 1 Sha Tin and Wu Kai Sha MTR. Bus escorts will be present on all buses. Please click on this link for timings, pick up locations and sign up for the buses. For all routes, except the Fo Tan route, a ticket will be required and this will be issued to your child, once the sign up is complete.

A member of staff from SJS will be present at the pick up points in the morning and will escort the children to their correct buses after school. A parent or trusted adult must be present to collect your child from the bus at the afternoon drop off.

Please take advantage of these environmentally friendly modes of transport to and from school and leave your cars at home this Friday.

UNICEF Kid Power Programme

On Friday, children in Years 3, 5 and 6 will welcome Vivian Pan from UNICEF who will tell us about the first ever Kid Power Programme in the Asia Pacific. For a fee of HK$100, our students are invited to enroll in a physical activity programme which will take place from March 1st to May 31st 2019.

Participants are provided with a step tracker which will measure their steps and movement for the period. No other personal details will be accessed. The activity earns Kid Power points which will be used to purchase RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food) packets to treat children who are suffering from malnutrition in the famine blighted areas of the world.

The programme is sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club who will sponsor HK$220 of the total HK$320 cost for each registration.

Sign up details and specifics about the programme will be available on Friday following the student information sessions.

Apologies to our Year 4 team who are on camp on Friday and will miss the presentation. Your teachers will pass the information to you when you return to school.

Ten Tonne Challenge

We are partnering with Tsunami Sport and V Cycle to promote a scheme to collect plastic bottles for recycling.

Tsunami have provided our sports kit (football, netball, Aquathon, etc. uniforms) for a while now and they have gone into partnership with V Cycle to investigate the feasibility of producing sports kit which is manufactured from material containing re-cycled plastic.

Our job is to collect as many plastic bottles (PET 1) as we can. Two recycling bins will be located in the playground for this challenge. If the target is reached, Tsunami will provide us with an order (20 pieces) of FREE student designed sports shirts which have been manufactured using our own recycled plastic.

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Project

We have teamed up with the HK Environmental Protection Department in support of their scheme to recycle rechargeable batteries. The small collection bin is situated in the Reception Area of the school, next to the door to the playground. Please note that the scheme is for rechargeable batteries only and that the terminals must be covered with masking tape prior to putting in the bin.

Yours in support of our environment.

The staff team at SJS