12 Oct 2018

eNews Term 1 Issue 6

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the final SJS newsletter of this half term. I hope you have a restful and relaxing plan for next week.

Upper School Athletics Carnival

Our annual Athletics Carnival on 8th October proved a successful and enjoyable enhancement to the school programme. It was great to see our talented athletes performing to the best of their abilities. I am sure some school records were broken and many personal bests were achieved. Mr. Kelleher will be updating the honours list soon.

Also notable was the sense of inclusion which permeated the events. All the children were keen and excited participants, irrespective of their ability levels. The level of support shown for those children who, may not be blessed with athletic excellence, but persevered to complete their events, was humbling. We can be proud of the inclusive nature of our student group.

Special thanks must go to Mr. Kelleher, Ms Ledesma, the teachers and our team of STC helpers for ensuring the effective organization of the event.

While we are in a sporting mindset, please note that the ESF Hong Kong Run will take place on Saturday 26 January 2019. Further details will follow and please add the date to your diary.

And … the Terry Fox Run, organized by RCHK will take place on 3 November. Details can be found later in this newsletter.

Green Week and ECO Friday (19 to 23 November 2018)

Students from SJS and STC are working together to plan a series of events in support of Green Week in November. The idea is to hold a series of cross campus activities to raise awareness of our environmental footprint and to look at ways in which we can come together to reduce our impact on the environment.

Details will be shared as they are planned. The week will culminate with ECO Friday on 23 November. We will host a walk to school event, from Fo Tan MTR and will organize an enhanced shuttle bus service for the less athletically minded amongst us.

Our objective is to enjoy a Car Free Morning (i.e. no car drop off’s at school on that day.)

We are also partnering with UNICEF to promote the Kid Power Programme – HK.

The programme is due to run across selected HK schools in May 2019 and staff from UNICEF will speak to children in the Upper School about the programme at an assembly on Friday – after the Walk to School event. Unfortunately, Year 4 will be away on Camp for ECO Friday. We will make sure you are updated on your return.

I am delighted to note that we have joined a rechargeable battery recycling scheme and that we now have a recycling station at SJS. Please bring your old rechargeable batteries into the school reception area for safe disposal. More details can be found later in the newsletter.

Parent Teacher Association

Our PTA Committee met at the end of last month to elect the Officers of the Association. They are:

Chairperson – Haris James
Vice Chairperson – TBC
Treasurer – Wendy Kam
Secretary – Arthur Yeung
School Council Rep – Dennis Chau

Upcoming events planned by the PTA include:

Tuesday 23 October Lunch with Your Child Year 1

Wednesday 24 October Lunch with Your Child Year 2
We are inviting Year 1 and 2 parents to come into school to share a lunch with their child on these dates. Order forms for a Delicious Chef King lunch for the adults attending have been received and confirmations will be sent out before half term. If you are bringing your own lunch to the event, please set a good example for the children and bring in a healthy, home prepared lunch. Whilst fast food lunches are convenient, we would prefer not to promote them at school.

Saturday 17 November Working Bee and BBQ

We are hoping that a group of parents and children will be able to join us on Saturday morning to work on some of the minor improvement and repair tasks that are required around school. As a reward for the effort expended, we will provide a BBQ lunch for the workers. Further details will follow after half term.

School Council

Our School Council met for the first time this year last Monday (a rearranged meeting following an earlier typhoon related postponement). Our Council members this year are:

Chairperson – Annie Ho
Community Representatives – Kit Chan, Charles Wan and 1 member tbc
Parent Representatives – Jack Ng, Dennis Chau and Dr Rick Lau
Staff Representatives – Hugh Beames, Reah Bruce, Kathryn Troy, Hazel Chan
ESF Representative – Belinda Greer
Principal – Perry Tunesi
Secretary – Kari Yeung

And finally…

I would like to share with you the news that this will be my last year at SJS and I will be leaving next summer. I have now reached the ESF retirement age and will begin the process of looking towards the next step in my career.

It goes without saying that I will leave with a heavy heart. This is my 11th year at SJS and I have loved my time here. For me, the privilege of leading this vibrant and successful school has been the highlight of my career as an international educator. I will always remain grateful for the opportunities that come from being part of our welcoming, supportive and inclusive community and I look back on our school journey with a sense of pride and satisfaction.

I believe strongly that the success of this school is brought about by the strength of our community. We have enthusiastic and motivated students, committed and supportive parents and talented teachers and support staff. Leadership within the school community is widespread and there is strength at all levels. I am confident that the new Principal will be joining a successful school where there is a strong will to continue to grow and develop in order to provide the best learning opportunities for the students.

The search for the new Principal will begin later this month. ESF will lead the process and the involvement of the community will be a high priority.

Summer is a long way off and we have much to do before the end of the school year comes around. I am looking forward to the next 9 months and will work hard to ensure SJS remains well placed for the journey ahead.

I will enjoy my remaining time at SJS and look forward to a productive year ahead.

Best wishes,

Perry Tunesi


Dates for your Diary

23 – 26 October School Photographs
25 October (6pm) Johns Hopkins Gifted & Talented Programme Information Session
15 November School Closed – Teacher Development Day
17 November PTA Working Bee and BBQ
19 – 23 November Green Week
23 November ECO Friday
22 – 23 November Year 4 Camp
27 – 30 November Year 6 Camp
3 – 7 December Computer Science Education Week
7 December Year 3 Camp
Year 1 Learning Journey
13 December Holiday Concert
14 December COLUMN_1End of Term

As always, we have a number of events planned for parents. You will be receiving separate invitations/notifications for each event, but to remind you of the programme, there are some of the events that are already in the diary. Subscribe to our School Calendar for the latest updates:

RECYCLE! your rechargeable batteries

A lot of everyday products contain rechargeable batteries. And while it helps the environment to re-use batteries, the benefits don’t extend to disposal.

Rechargeable batteries contain materials that can be hazardous to people and the environment. They also contain valuable materials that can be recovered for use in other products, such as magnetic alloy and stainless steel. The best solution is to recover the batteries and recycle them.

With that in mind, SJS now has a battery recycling station. Please bring in your old rechargeable batteries for recycling so we can help save valuable resources and stop hazardous waste going into landfill. Just look for the box in the reception area.


The total amount of clothing collected was over 6 tonnes! This is an amazing figure for us, and we could not have done it without you.

Your school collected 451kg which is the equivalent weight of a grand piano!

Overall, the 6 tonnes of donations were distributed across the following organisations. Some organisation receive a lot less than others, this is because of their storage constraints and because they might generally be a smaller charity.

  • Redress 6.84%
  • St James Settlement Green Ladies 0.54%
  • Christian Action 33.1%
  • Friends of the Earth 18.03%
  • Pathfinders 3.99%
  • Crossroads 11.92%
  • Po Leung Kuk 5.13%
  • Asbury Methodist Church 1.05%
  • J Life Foundation 1%
  • Impact HK 1.35%
  • Mother’s Choice 0.25%
  • Lizzie Bee 0.15%
  • Shoe donation – Keep Giving, Kenya 0.72%
  • Other reuse designers 0.32%
  • Material Recycled 13.74%
  • Bags for reuse 0.59%
  • Landfill 1.28% (rubbish within donations, non-recyclable materials not in good enough condition for reuse e.g. shoes, PVC jackets)

If you have any further questions please do let me know! I am also attaching a photo from the charity Lizzie Bee who used some of their donations of white cotton t-shirts for a weaving project using indigo dye.