About PTA

The PTA raises money for the school, offers a bus service and a uniform shop, and provides a way for parents to have a voice in the way the school is run and to make our views known to the ESF. Some of the other PTA activities include organising socials, helping to run the annual School Fair, and the annual PTA BBQ. In addition small groups of volunteers run Ice Cream days and the committee oversees the administration of two book clubs enabling parents to buy books at a discount. There are, as you can see from this sample, a wide range of PTA-organized activities. Some raise money for the school, some are educational, some are fun, some are social – and some are all of the above.

Membership is now compulsory in all ESF schools for all parents, and costs HK$350 per annum. The PTA committee is elected at the AGM in September and serves for one school year. The committee meets once a month.

The PTA supports the learning of your children and runs a number of events, including the School Fair, Multicultural Day, Annual BBQ Teacher Appreciation Lunch, Hot Dog days, Ice Cream days, Australian Bush Dance, IMAX Theatre show, Volunteer Appreciation and Book Clubs.


Name Position
TUNESI Perry Principal
TURNER Bryan Vice-principal
CUMES Leslie Teacher Rep
CHAMBERS Kirsty Teacher Rep
SO Patrick Chairman
JAMES Haris Vice-chairman
YEUNG Arthur Honorary Secretary
KAM Wendy Honorary Treasurer
BUCKLEY Louise Parent’s Representative
CARROLL Francis Parent’s Representative School Council
CHAU Dennis Parent’s Representative
MIYAOKA David Parent’s Representative
MOCK Frankie Parent’s Representative
TAYLOR Anna Parent’s Representative
LEUNG Deirdre PTA Co-ordinator
TANG Connie PTA Administrator

Uniform Shop

Uniform Requirements

There is NO distinct Summer or Winter uniform as weather in Hong Kong is unpredictable and therefore the uniform collection can be worn all year round and item combinations selected depending upon the weather conditions.

There is a distinct PE and daily uniform; student must always wear a House Cap when playing outdoors.

Girls’ Daily Uniform Boys’ Daily Uniform
  • Summer Dress / Blouse with Pinafore
  • White Socks, Black Tights
  • Black Leather Shoes (not slip‐on styles)
  • House Cap
  • Summer Shirt / Long Sleeved Shirt
  • Grey Shorts / Grey Long Trousers
  • White Socks
  • Black Leather Shoes (not slip‐on styles)
  • House Cap

Girls’ P.E. Kit

(To be worn on PE days only)

Boys’ P.E. Kit

(To be worn on PE days only)

  • PE Shirt
  • PE Skort / Track Pants
  • White Socks
  • Appropriate trainers for PE (fence style not suggested)
  • House Cap
  • PE Shirt
  • PE Shorts / Track Pants
  • White Socks
  • Appropriate trainers for PE (fence style not suggested)
  • House Cap
Optional Other
  • 2 in 1 Jacket
  • Cardigan
  • Fleece Jacket
  • PE Track Top
  • Raincoat
  • Sweatshirt
  • Compulsory items – SJS School Bag
  • All uniform and personal belonging should be clearly marked with the student’s name

Click here for more uniform pictures SJS Uniform Standard


Price List & Payment Methods

Payable by

  • Cash
  • Crossed Cheque to “Sha Tin Junior School Parent Teacher Association Ltd” (Student’s name, class and parent’s contact numbers written on back)

*Please support the environment and bring your own bag.

Click here for SJS Uniform Price List 2017 – 2018


Exchange Policy 

All items sold are non-refundable and the sizes are available for fitting at Uniform Shop. Exchanges are available within 2 week of purchase date, on the condition that:

  • Are in original packaging with bar code label;
  • Accompanied by the sale receipt.; and
  • Have not been altered (including hemming), named, damaged or used and non-laundered.

We do NOT exchange or refund Swimwear or House Cap due to health reasons.

*In determining whether the item is exchangeable, the Shop Manager’s discretion will be final. 


Opening Hours
Monday: 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 12:00 noon – 3:00 p.m.
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

The PTA uniform shop will be closed during school holidays and CPD days.



Uniform Shop Operation During Bad Weather

Bad Weather Procedures


Contact Uniform Shop

Telephone: +852 2696 3484


Location: 1st Floor at the back of the Gymnasium of SJS

Hot Lunches

Lunch Order Form

Lunch order forms must be submitted to the PTA Office on or before deadline. Late orders will not be accepted.

Click here for June 2018 Menu

Hot Lunch Order Deadline Date
Lunch Order Month Menu Send Out Deadline
October 14 September 20 September
November 13 October 19 October
December 14 November 20 November
January 8 December 15 December
February 12 January 19 January
March 8 February 14 February

26 February

April 13 March 20 March
May 16 April 20 April
June 11 May 18 May


The lunch order deadline 20th of each month. If 20th falls on a holiday / weekend, the last school day before holiday / weekend is final submission date.

Please note we will not accept any late orders. All orders received after the deadline date will be returned.


Cancellation Hot Lunch

This must be done directly with Delicious Chef King – NOT SJS school Office or SJS PTA Office.

Field Trip Cancellations or Absent Cancellations(*NOT applicable during Inclement Weather Cancellations*)

Please call DCK at 2464-1838 before 8:30 a.m. to cancel meals to qualify for a refund / credit.

No refunds / credits will be made for meals cancelled after 8:30 a.m.

if you were not able to cancel lunch before 8:30 a.m., please reach out to DCK Customer Support team

at 2461-9932 or email: and they’d be happy to help!

Inclement Weather Cancellations

No refund (i.e. EDB announcement, Black Rainstorm or No. 8 Typhoon Signal)


School Fair

18th November 2017



Contact PTA

PTA Office (School Buses, Lunch Order)

Tel: +852 2697 4070


PTA Office Hour: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Serve on a PTA sub-committee

We have a number of sub-committees. These meet on an ad-hoc basis.

Volunteer to assist with a PTA event or activity: We need help with events such as Hot Dog days, Ice Cream days

Volunteer to join the School Fair committee: This is the main fund-raising event of the school year.